Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spot the difference

I know I bang on about Poinciana a bit but when I drive down Nanson St, Wembley this afternoon and see this….

Well, you have to admit, it's a pretty amazing contrast, isn't it? (click photo for a better sense of it*).

"Ah," you say, "it's obviously getting more water than the other trees."

No. Quite the contrary in fact. Here's what it's growing out of...

The other side of that hedging is paved too so there's not a lot of joy here for this tree - yet it looks like this in the peak of summer!

That's impressive.

And it got me thinking…

Have I EVER seen a crook Poinciana in Perth? 

I don't think I have. They just always seem to be dark green and healthy - even by the coast which normally tests out the best of 'em.

Seriously folks, this is a great tree.

And the reason we're not planting it all over the place would be…?

Get together with your neighbours and take me up on this offer. You'd be mad not to. Imagine what it will do for your property values. The only downside could be the tourist buses!

* Even then the photo doesn't do justice to it. For a start, it's only showing about half the Poinciana. It really was a "stop you in your tracks" contrast with all the other trees in the street.


  1. I have seen a few crook Poincianas in Perth. They can be sunburned and frost bitten- this will not be apparent when viewed from beneath but sometimes the tops of branches lose bark, usually recover but sometimes limbs will die back. If they encounter frost in their early years the tips may die off, so worth "mollycoddling" them in their youth. Yes, they look fab and green now, but they are deciduous and will yellow off as it starts to cool down. They love a warm spot - do better closer to the coast as they resent cold nights. Great for solar passive design landscaping. According to Luke Nguyen the flowers are edible. They rarely grow taller than wide so suitable beneath power lines for that extra canopy. Fantastic tree. On my list of top 5 street trees that's for sure. Next time you are in Wembley check out the beauty on the west side of Harborne St between Grantham & Cambridge :) It's a stunner.

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