Saturday, March 26, 2016

Perspective (2)

My old mate Alex lives here.

I tried to persuade him to let the Council plant trees on his wide frontage but he wouldn't do it.

Why not?

Because he was concerned about the leaves causing him too much work (he's nearly 90).

Poor old Alex is pretty crook now so I won't bother him about it any more but it does highlight how we can get things out of perspective. The fact is it would be many years before young Peppermint trees -  the nominated species for his street - would produce serious leaf drop* and meanwhile they would just get picked up by his lawnmower man every time he cut the lawn. "So," I said to Alex, "unless you're planning on still being here when you're 110, you've probably got nothing to worry about!"

As a Parks and Gardens manager I came across this often: people worrying about stuff that's never going to happen during the time they will live in the property.

There was certainly a change in this chap's** attitude when I told him that he and I "will both be in the old men's home with a stick" before the tree could cause him any issues.

* And when that happens just spray out your verge, mulch it and enjoy the free top-up mulch you're getting from the leaves!

** I called around the other day to check on progress of his tree. He came out and said "do you think it's looking alright?". Wonderful stuff, huh?

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