Monday, March 21, 2016

Let's fix Smith St!

First of all, click on the photo and have a good look at it.

Smith St, Collingwood (Melbourne)

Look at the massive space given over to cars compared to the measly strips on the sides for pedestrians. What message does that send? Not a people-friendly one that's for sure!

The fix?

Lose every fourth car bay on each side and plant a tree*.

It would not only inject some welcome greenery into the street but psychologically narrow the car space and widen the pedestrian spaces** - ie balance things up a bit.

* The shopkeepers will howl but just show them the research that shows that turning car bays over to trees actually brings MORE shoppers not less. That should soothe the fevered brow.

** I say "psychologically" because it doesn't actually do either. It's a perception thing. But as we know, perception is everything ;)

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