Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Just when you think you've seen it all...

…you stumble across Mary St, Highgate and possibly the only street in Perth lined both sides (and full length) with Ficus hillii at 12m spacings!  It's a long street too - about 300m - so the effect is extraordinary. Quite surreal in fact.

Click photo to enter the space!

Every Parks manager reading this just went pale and covered his eyes. But don't. Go see it. The effect is astonishing, especially coming in off hot, glary William St on a 36C day!

No one had a verge garden. They just let the natural beauty of the tree roots be their "sculpture garden". And a self-mulching one at that :) 

The council clearly does some thinning to let light in and this would be particularly appreciated in winter when it would otherwise get too gloomy.

As you would expect there was evidence of footpath repair everywhere but surprisingly little kerb and road damage to be honest.

Check it out sometime* - it's quite an experience.

* As always, get out and walk if you can as it's very different to looking from a car. For example, as I was walking along taking these pictures, I kept hearing "doink, doink, doink..."  Finally it dawned on me it was Ficus berries dropping on cars, houses and carports. Yikes - great street to visit but...

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