Wednesday, March 2, 2016

It's time to think of leaves like rain

Modern stormwater management is built around the idea that you leave the water where it falls. You don't pipe it anywhere because that's just expense.

We need to start thinking of leaves the same way - ie they stay where they fall. 

It saves a whole lot of expense (you're not carting them away), it saves the environment (the leaves mulch and fertilise the soil) and it saves your sanity (you don't spend you're life fretting over "mess").

Is it achievable?

Sure it is. You just design for it.

Click photo to enlarge

You might create a verge like this for example...

Click photo to enlarge

…instead of this.

Don't fight "mess".  Life's too short. Change your landscape design instead.


  1. @Grayden, Can you add composting worms to the leaf litter to improve the environmental effects of the naturally falling compost?

    1. Hi Shauna
      Soil that is being regularly mulched with leaf litter is certainly going to be an earthworm-friendly soil so yes, good idea! These little critters are incredible actually. They aerate the soil (by their burrowing), their waste product is excellent fertiliser ("worm castings") and all they require to perform their services is a bit of rotted leaf litter to chomp on. Bargain! Thanks for the suggestion.