Thursday, March 31, 2016

I asked the question

I asked a council in Melbourne why they chose to outsource their total street tree planting, watering and maintenance to Citywide Services. 

Here's what they said:

"We went to public tender in which Citywide were successful. We found that we could not manage it properly internally and were getting poor results. Basically the staff weren't on top of it so we decided to look elsewhere. This way we get a guarantee that every tree we plant will establish. It costs us a little more* but we get better results."

Perth Street Tree is going to do the same here - ie take a perennial headache away from Councils to free them up to concentrate on other things. They outsource pretty much everything else they do to specialist contractors these days - tree pruning, mowing, playground maintenance, even BBQ cleaning - but just haven't had the option to do this with their street trees until now**. With the new focus on urban forest we think the time is right.

* I suspect "a little more" might actually be "a little LESS" when you factor in all the dead trees the Council was replacing but probably not including in the equation (!)

** If your Council is interested in a quote, email me and I'll send you our price list. You can choose to just do a small trial initially. It gives you the chance to check out our results without a big financial commitment.

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