Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Can't see the forest for the (lack of) trees

Something Melbourne and Perth have in common? It's hard to get quality trees.

The City of Melbourne acknowledges this as a potential threat to their "40% canopy by 2040" campaign and something they'll need to keep an eye on.

Perth Street Tree is currently working on an exciting collaboration to address this issue here in Perth. More about that later.

One place that has it sorted however is New York. They embarked on their ambitious "Million Trees 2007-17" program and - get this - have achieved it ahead of time. Unheard of!  From previous discussions with them, their grower contracts have been a huge part of this success so I'm looking forward to getting more details* when I'm there in April, God-willing**.

* The City of New York Parks folk are always very generous with their resources and happy to share "for the good of the planet" so to speak. A good lesson there for us all I reckon.

** I always say "God-willing" when I plan ahead. I said it to a guy once and he said "I didn't know you were religious". I said "there's probably lots of things you don't know about me, nor me you!" Which raises an interesting point: transparency. I reckon the more we can be it, the better we collaborate and the sooner we reach our collective goals. I want this blog to be transparent. As a famous writer once said: "Writing is easy - you just sit at your desk and open a vein". Yeah, kinda like that :)

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