Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bite off a big piece then chew like crazy

That's pretty much the City of Melbourne's urban forest strategy and I like it. 

Because it recognises that we need to get serious, fast.

How big a piece have they bitten off?

40% canopy by 2040.

That's big. But it's only by challenging ourselves big that we achieve big.

As a result of committing to this target, Melbourne is now flat out looking for ways to:

(a) plant more trees

(b) get those trees through to maturity and

(c) retain the mature trees they already have.

All three are needed if they're to have a hope.

And they're not mucking around. It's all stops out. They even employ an engineer to find places to rip up asphalt so they can plant trees there instead!

Like this street for example. They've sacrificed some of the central parking space and put trees in.

Here's one they haven't done yet. Big difference, huh?

Something else they do is make sure that every new tree they plant is top quality. If it isn't, it doesn't go out. And once it's planted they keep it alive. They've managed to get their mortality rate down to less than 5%, something we're planning to bring to Perth too.

Well, that's it for Melbourne this time around. Always inspiring, always an education.

Special thanks to Christopher Cook at Brimbank City Council and David Callow at City of Melbourne for generously giving up their time to show me the great work they're doing.

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