Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Beware the deceptive comfort of words and pictures

Six years ago my local council produced a nice, thick document called Treescape Plan 2010-20.  

The aim, it said, was not to merely landscape the Town, but "treescape" it…ie trees were to become the dominant feature of the landscape. 

The reason for this was that the "environmental, aesthetic, historical and economic value of street trees is beyond measure".

The Plan said it's aim was to create "world class streetscapes" and that "canopy cover" would be crucial in achieving this. 

It was also mindful that the chosen tree species be of such a scale that they "don't end up being visually insignificant" in relation to the built environment. 

Click photo to enlarge

The Plan included a picture of this street as an example of what was intended. 

So, six years on, how are we faring?

Not very well I'm afraid. You can read why here.

The lesson in all this is the one my boss gave me on my first day as Coordinator Parks and Gardens at a large city council many years ago:

"Grayden, no one cares about what you do here" he said, tapping my desk, "only what you do there". 

He was pointing out the window.

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