Monday, February 15, 2016


An "all hands on deck" approach is required if we're to successfully tackle climate change. It's so big we have to come at it from every angle.

What does this have to do with street trees?

Well, apart from the obvious fact that we need more of them, I think it also means we can no longer afford to be too precious about which ones.

In the past we've turned up our nose at particular species because their berries are a bit toxic (Cape Lilac) or their roots a bit invasive (Liquidambar) or we don't like the sticks they drop (Jacaranda).

Given the seriousness (and urgency) of what we're dealing with, we really need to suck it up and deal with those things from now on.

So we might have to sweep a bit more. Fine. Or fix footpaths more often. So be it.

The stakes are high now - REALLY high - and some of the things we thought were a big deal are going to look pretty trivial when the ocean's lapping at the front door of our cyclone-battered condo while we sit out the back, gasping in the 50 degree heat, sipping coconut milk* because the dams are dry.

* the coconuts came down the coast with the cyclone

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