Sunday, February 7, 2016

Painting the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Celtis mississippiensis - Wembley (click to enlarge)

Here's a cheery thought for you:

Assuming street trees live an average of 50 years, if we did no replanting at all it would take only 50 years for our streets to become completely tree-less. It's not very long, is it? It shows how important a constant replanting program is.

We have a saying in Australia that something is "like painting the Sydney Harbour Bridge" when it's a task that never ends. Street tree planting is like that. Because, like us, trees don't stop growing old and dying.

And with our knowledge now of just what good investments trees are - financially, environmentally and socially - we want to be not just replacing our urban forest but expanding it.

Time to get to it, huh?

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