Saturday, February 13, 2016

"Mess" or "life"?

I had a discussion this morning with an elderly lady who wanted to remove all the trees down the driveway of her units "because I can't cope with the mess."

This is not an uncommon refrain. If you work in local government you hear it most days. But it's not very creative either.

I offered her some different ways to look at the "problem":

a) See the leaf drop as free mulch - ie sweep it into the garden beds

b) She was a strong, healthy woman for her age: view the daily sweeping as exercise to maintain that vigour

c) If it really is still too much, ask the lawnmower man who does next door to blow the leaves out of her carport and off the driveway each time he visits. He would only charge about $20 and shared between the unit owners, it's easily affordable.

Not wanting to give up without a fight, she objected that the leaves weren't the right type of mulch for the (few) plants she had in her garden. "So change the plants" I said.

You know, we really do have to stop cutting down trees because of "mess". There's always a solution that doesn't involve that.

We just have to want to find it.
Note: the picture above is not the lady's garden; hers had much less leaf drop than this.

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