Tuesday, February 2, 2016

High mortality rates: how we're going to fix it

In Perth, Council water truck operators (typically) squirt their street trees with a hose from the driver's window.

It's very inefficient for several reasons:
  • the operator's concentration wavers and he misses the tree
  • the wind blows the stream of water away from the tree
  • the watering bowl (earth mounding) gets damaged by the jet of water and leaks
I haven't actually measured it, but I wouldn't be surprised if only half the water actually ends up around the tree.

Compare that with how we will be doing it.

Firstly, we'll be setting up our trees like this:

There's more to that tough, UV-resistant plastic well* around the tree than meets the eye - more about that tomorrow - but for now just note that it holds over 50 litres of water.

Because here's our really exciting secret weapon…

See that boom on the front?

It's a watering wand controlled by the driver in the cab.


With this control panel.

The red button in the middle is a joy stick. The driver has complete directional control over the boom and can put the end of it exactly over the tree's water bowl.

And that blue panel above the joy stick tells the driver exactly how many litres he's putting on.

No more guessing. No more wastage. The tree gets the full amount every time.

But there's another important advantage...


Because the application of water is so accurate, our driver has filled up his bowl and moved on while the window-squirter is still trying to get the water into his.

Using this system we can basically put TWICE the amount of water on in HALF the time with NO wastage. We reckon that's pretty exciting and we think you will too when you see it in operation.

And we think you'll also be excited when you see how this tremendous gain in efficiency translates into thriving trees for no more than it's costing you now for struggling ones.

This is why we're able to offer a 100% survival guarantee. Any tree under our care that dies** is automatically replaced by us at no cost to you. That's how confident we are that our system is a game-changer.

If you would like to try it at your Council, email me. Leafy Street will partner with you in taking your street tree establishment program to the next level.

* The tree well is also vandal-resistant, its conical shape plus the "lock down" effect of the angled stakes making it difficult to pull out of the ground.

** Excludes tree losses due to vandalism or storm. We reckon that's fair as we have no control over those. Everything else though: our problem, not yours.