Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Good do-ers

I said in an earlier post that it's time to stop being precious about the relatively minor negative aspects of some species and just start using them if they're otherwise "good do-ers".

Here's a perfect example of what I'm talking about.

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These two Flame trees (Erythrina x sykesii) in Bovell Lane, Claremont are completely surrounded by asphalt but look healthy green like this, year in year out with zero water and zero care. We've just had five days in a row of 40 degree heat (104 F) and they still look perky! Quite remarkable. There just aren't that many trees that will do this.

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Here's another one just up the road in Gugeri St. Same deal. Surrounded by asphalt, totally neglected, still green and healthy and delighting all who pass under it.

So why did we stop planting them?

"Because they have thorns."

So don't climb them.

"Because they split."

So clean up.

"Because they're a food source for pest Corellas"

So get rid of the Corellas.

Sorry, those reasons just don't cut it any more. We need this tree. We need any tree that can tolerate such extreme conditions, with no help, no pest and disease problems, (virtually) no damage to infrastructure and do it all for fifty to sixty years!

I live by the coast. My block is beach sand, the air is laden with salt and it blows like Vesuvius, but still I wanted leafy, green trees. Impossible? For most species, yes. But not Flame trees. Here they are ten years later (my house is in there somewhere).

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Good do-ers alright.

Fantastic do-ers.

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