Thursday, February 4, 2016

From loathing to love in thirty minutes

When we planted this tree I witnessed something remarkable.

As soon as we arrived, the resident came out hostile.
He pointed to mature Liquidambars further up the street and said "why would I want the mess that those people have to put up with?"

He refused to be talked around but, eventually, realising it was a done deal, went back inside and left us to it.

But I reckon he was watching out the window. He must have been. Because the moment we finished he came out again.

I was bracing for another onslaught when, suddenly, he produced a camera and started taking pictures of "his new tree".

Sensing the opportunity, I sidled up and said "we'll be watering the tree twice a week but feel free to water it between times if you wish - you can't over-water in this sand".

I instinctively stepped back when he lowered his camera and looked at me.

"Oh, don't worry" he said,  "I won't let it die" and resumed taking pictures!

Remarkable. The healing power of trees right there.

It reminds me of what Andy Lipkis, founder of TreePeople says:

"Trees are like acupuncture needles: the right tree in the right place produces profound healing."

It also confirmed for me something I've long suspected: that if you just make your installations look really nice, you're much more likely to get residents taking ownership. Judge for yourself. How would you feel if this was on your verge instead?


  1. Hi what mulch did you use with this planting, or did you just dig a hole and plant the tree. Mike

    1. Hi Mike
      We planted the tree with some slow release fertiliser, watered it in and then mulched on top to keep the soil moist. The mulch was the usual stuff - nothing special. The key to the growth of this tree will be the ONGOING fertilising and watering we do!

  2. Thanks for the info, lets hope we see more all over Perth.