Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Conference wash up (6)

A few of the passing comments I heard (and managed to record):

"Just because you provide a great tool doesn't mean everyone will want to use it"
Natalie Gulsrud, University of Copenhagen

"Melbourne is getting bigger, denser and hotter"
Nano Langenheim, Monash University

"Use trees to guide traffic through a space rather than painted lines, bollards etc"
Anne Jaluzot, Trees and Design Action Group (UK)

"Trees are a means to an end"
Anne Jaluzot, Trees and Design Action Group (UK)

"The urban forest is the new 'Wealth of Nations' "
C.Y.Jim, Hong Kong University (in reference to Adam Smith's seminal work from 1776)

"When you build more / wider roads the research shows that you're not building more capacity, just more opportunity"
Anne Jaluzot, Trees and Design Action Group UK 

"The suburban resident's carbon footprint is twice as big as the urban dweller's"
Sara Barron, University of British Columbia (Canada)

"In a very dry atmosphere, a tree (a) tries to transpire more, (b) gives up and closes it stomates or © fails altogether"
Diane Pataki, University of Utah (USA)

"Home buyers look for shady streets"
Lyndal Plant, University of Queensland

"When thinking about trees we need to step out of human time scale"
Jan Allen, Veteran Tree Group (Australia)

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