Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Conference wash up (3)

Mark Roberts* from thoughtplanters gave a fascinating talk about the fear of urban trees and suggested there were dark forces at play behind the scenes.

Beware "the fear industry" he said, " - those with a vested interest in keeping us scared".

Like the media for instance.

He also provided some interesting stats.

Like this for instance:
The odds of being killed by a tree in a public place?


The odds of being killed by heart disease?


Yet which creates the greatest fear?

Or this:
There is an estimated 250 billion trees in the United States yet there are only 100 tree-related deaths a year. On the other hand there are 900 "sheep-related" deaths in the United States every year. (Yes, sheep. Don't ask I reckon.)

It was all rather amusing but it was also making a serious point: that our fear of trees is irrational. But it's important nonetheless because it's negatively impacting our ability to create canopy.

Education I guess.

* Everything Mark said could be untrue - he's a Kiwi

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