Saturday, February 6, 2016

Compare the Pair (8)

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This house is not far from where I live. I've watched its garden grow over the last thirty years or so.

They plant tubestock in winter and do no watering. What survives, survives. There's virtually no maintenance and the garden self mulches.

See the little picnic setting amongst the trees? They live in this garden too.

Compare that with this house four doors further down.

Irrigated lawn, not one shrub or tree and no life….

….except the owner out vacuuming his driveway every weekend*.

I enjoy neatness as much as the next guy, but at what price? Seriously, if we don't get over this obsession our city's going to become unbearable.

Mind you, this story gives me hope that trees can win people over. We just have to do them right.

* When he's not mowing his lawn, edging it, fertilising it, spraying it, de-thatching it, top dressing it or fixing the irrigation system it depends on.

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