Monday, January 4, 2016

Why you can't afford to take your eye off the ball

I did exactly that here in Gugeri St, Claremont.

The developer asked what tree I wanted in the median and I said London Plane (Platanus x acerifolia). It would have been magnificent here where there is plenty of room for it. What got planted? Cut-Leaf Plane (Platanus orientalis 'Digitata'). Close, but no chocolates. Because this tree is not going to be majestic enough for this open, entry-statement location.

Planting the right tree is so important. It will be around for decades and every time we get it wrong we short-change the generations to come. We need to give it our full attention as keepers of the city's public places.

Hopefully the new Manager Parks and Environment at Claremont will correct my lapse in concentration and replace the Cut-Leaf Planes with full-sized ones as opportunities present. Better still, interplant with them.

Gugeri St, Claremont (click to enlarge)

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