Thursday, January 7, 2016

Why do we live like this? Why do we accept it?

I was driving down Willeri Drive, Willeton when this side street caught my eye because I could hardly believe what I was seeing: not one street tree in the whole street.

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Newlyn Rd, Willeton (click to enlarge)

I was going to leave but my curiosity was piqued. Was this just an aberration or an indication of a wider malaise?

I drove further in.

And a couple of blocks away I found this:

Orbison Place, Willeton (click to enlarge)

Again, NO street trees.

Now I was genuinely shocked.

I went further in and, after turning a couple more corners, came across this:

The Vale, Willeton

NO STREET TREES!  Zip, nada - zilch.

I tossed up whether to keep going but was feeling so depressed I turned around and left.

And I came out on High Rd, Willeton where this sight greeted me:

High Rd, Willeton (click to enlarge)

Ahh!! At last - big, leafy trees stretching away in both directions as far as the eye could see.

And then I laughed. Because I suddenly realised something:


Folks, we've got some work to do. Have we ever.

* I was Coordinator - then Manager - of Parks and Gardens at the City of Canning in the late 1980's / early 1990's. The High Rd median was full of Tamarisk's which were leaning over (I can't remember why now). When one fell and collected a motorcyclist at night, we started a big operation to remove them and replant with Planes. I remember being a bit frustrated that the officer in charge of the project planted the first lot closer than I had wanted - about 12m - but once he did we decided to stick with it. Looking back I'm glad we did. Being a non-irrigated median, the trees are still only about 12m high and the relatively close spacing has worked out perfectly as you can see in this shot:

High Rd, Willeton (click to enlarge)

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