Friday, January 29, 2016

What's in a name? A lot it seems.

Man:  Dear Council, can I lay synthetic green carpet on my verge?

Council:  Certainly not.

Man:  Dear Council, can I lay artificial turf on my verge?

Council:  Certainly. And thankyou for being so environmentally conscious.

But seriously, Councils should be banning this stuff. Boxing out verges, filling them with compacted road base and then laying green plastic* on top is no way to treat the places you want to grow an urban forest!

Have you noticed that wherever you see artificial grass on a verge there's never a tree there?

Here's why:

a) the council doesn't have the nerve to cut a hole in it to plant a tree (picture above)


b) there was a tree there but it died (picture below **)

So, does artificial grass have any place at all?

Sure. In sports stadiums, on cruise ships and around McDonalds' playgrounds.

Just not on our road verges please.

We prefer trees there.

* Artificial grass is made of a blend of polypropylene and polyethylene

** Good luck patching that whole. Real grass would of course grow over it.

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