Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tunnel vision

Excelsior St, Shenton Park (click to enlarge)

It's actually quite spooky entering this extraordinary tunnel of evergreen Hill's Fig (Ficus hillii) in Excelsior St, Shenton Park.

The trees are planted in the park on the left but have spread completely across the road.

The Council leaves the canopy very low resulting in quite a claustrophobic feeling while you're under it - especially as the tunnel is so long.

It's spectacular but obviously not the sort of streetscape we'd want everywhere or we'd all end up suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder!

Personally, I'd lift the canopies and thin them a bit to reduce the "heavy" feeling and get some dappled light into the street. I think it would improve it considerably - especially in winter. But I'd letter drop the locals first. They might like it the way it is!

Tip: click on the picture for a closer look. Better still, go check it out. It's quite an experience.

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