Friday, January 8, 2016

This tree is going nowhere

Bay Rd, Claremont (click to enlarge)

Why? Because the grass will keep it a stunted weakling for years.

It's a WA Red Flowering Gum (Corymbia ficifolia) in Bay Rd, Claremont and, like most natives, it simply cannot compete with grass while it's young. You need to maintain a 1m grass-free, mulched circle around it if it's to have a chance.

It's also too young to have been taken off the Council watering round. Turf reticulation alone will not suffice at this age - especially with water restrictions.

And here's another reason you need that grass-free circle…

Bay Rd, Claremont (click to enlarge)

Yep, once again, that's whippersnipper damage. Click on the photo to see just how bad it is.

Councils, this is quite simply vandalism of your assets. You must act on it - just as you would if someone was graffitiing your buildings, smashing your windows or stealing your street signs.
With these latter things it's often difficult tracking down the offender but you still make every effort to do so. With the whippersnipping of your trees its easy to work out who it is (its either the resident or their mowing contractor) but you make no attempt to stop them.

Please start taking this seriously. Keep the grass away from young trees like the one above and for older trees like the ones shown here, letter drop the resident and tell them they must keep the grass clear of your tree or you will spray around it.

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