Sunday, January 24, 2016

This is the cause of a lot of unnecessary tree deaths in Perth

After the old house is demolished, the developer turns the irrigation to the verge off and the street tree can't cope.

(Installing site signage into the tree's root zone and all the other abominable things done to trees on building sites doesn't help either.)

Answer? Require the developer to do two things:

a) create a fenced Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) around the tree ("Rent A Fence" does the job nicely).

b) create an earth bund around the tree, mulch it and install temporary irrigation bubblers for the duration of the build (the TPZ fencing stops the bubblers being vandalised).

These things can be included as conditions on the Building Licence. They're not a big impost on the developer yet they go a long way to protecting a valuable community asset.

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