Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Succession planning…er, planting.

While I was in Mann St, Cottesloe taking the photos for yesterday's post, a resident came out for a chat.

ME:  You have one of the finest streetscapes in Perth with these mature Paperbarks at relatively close spacings. But you can't afford to rest on your laurels. There are gaps appearing in the planting and you need to get on to the Council to start filling them.

RESIDENT:  You mean "succession planning"?

ME:  Exactly. Trees have finite lifespans and these ones are very old. You basically need to keep replanting constantly.

RESIDENT:  Some residents might be concerned about loss of views from filling the gaps.

ME:  Views are everywhere but you've only got one street.

Actually, I didn't say that last bit but I could have. Because it's true, isn't it?

Don't undervalue what you've got, Mann St.  Treasure it - you're very lucky. Better still, enhance it. Get the Council to start filling those gaps before they get any wider!  As I said to the resident, a letter with multiple signatures is the way to go when requesting this sort of thing. Parks and Gardens Managers feel much better about allocating money to a project if they sense that plenty of people in the street want it.

For the rest of you who don't live in Mann St, go check it out. There's definitely something special about it. It may even be one of the finest avenues of Paperbarks we have. But you have to get out of your car and walk it to really appreciate it. It's definitely worth it.

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