Monday, January 25, 2016

I think I have to conclude we're just worrywarts

Hicks St, Brooklyn NY

There's a fundamental illogic about our attitude to big trees in Perth.

We go overseas (or elsewhere in Australia) and admire the magnificent trees in the public places, noting where the pavement has been repaired due to root damage but considering it small change in the scheme of things, and then come home and refuse to do the same here because of concerns about "infrastructure damage"!

Let's live a little. Lets accept some infrastructure repair as the price we're prepared to pay to have magnificent streets, the price we're prepared to pay to reduce our heat island effect, to clean our air, to improve our mental well-being and the myriad other things big trees do for us year in year out without complaint.

Or we could just settle for this:

Goonang Rd, City Beach

Come on Perth, we're better than this. When did we get so timid, so afraid of a little inconvenience, a little mess? We're shrinking into ourselves and our forebears would barely recognise us. This is not who we are. We're Australians and we have a go. Come on, lets have a crack and see if can't make this city truly beautiful.

PS…you can see more shots of my visit to New York on my other website here. Check out the "Streets - New York" gallery in particular for some inspiring examples of bold street tree planting.

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