Monday, January 11, 2016

Compare the pair (6)

In a previous post I said this:

Western Australians need to learn to love trees and their messy habits and stop worrying so much about neat. Neat doesn't fly with trees. We need to choose one or the other. But we can also help ourselves by re-designing our verges and front gardens to cater for leaf litter rather than fighting it.

While I was in Mann St, Cottesloe (see previous post) I noticed someone had done exactly that.

Mann St, Cottesloe (click to enlarge)

They've replaced their grass verge with mulch so that now when the tree drops litter it doesn't matter. In fact it helps. Because it's re-mulching the verge for them for free. And all without them lifting a finger! Much more sensible. And as a bonus this tree will never again suffer whippersnipper damage to its trunk. Yes!

Mann St, Cottesloe (click to enlarge)

By way of contrast, look at this nearby verge and the continual work the resident has to do raking leaves off the grass. This really is a no-brainer to me. With the mulched verge, the tree wins, the environment wins - and we win.

And besides all that, I think native trees just look better growing out of mulch. It just seems somehow more respectful to them. What do you think?

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