Monday, January 18, 2016

A Reader Said (4)


READER:  The photos on your blog show large exotic trees with canopies touching. However, many native trees do not reach the same size and the same look cannot be achieved.

ME:  Actually, it can. You just plant closer together :)  Once we get away from traditional "one-tree-per-house-frontage" thinking and start to realise that tree spacings are determined by the width of the canopy, we start creating good streetscapes. Like Mann St, Cottesloe.

READER:  A streetscape where the tree canopies are touching (or nearly so) is not the only acceptable aesthetic. Cottesloe looks good with it's avenues of Norfolk Island Pines even though these don't provide much canopy cover.

ME:  I agree that sometimes you're happy to forgo canopy cover (eg Cottesloe's Norfolk Pines) but in Perth, "sometimes" has become "much of the time". And we're starting to feel the heat. Literally! We must start combating our heat-island effect and canopy cover is the way to do it. Yes, you can have exceptions - just not too many.


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