Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Reader Said (3)

A reader gave me his thoughts on the new Leafy Street planting, watering and maintenance service. He commented that cost will be a key factor in determining whether local Councils use us.

That got me thinking…

70 - 80% of new street trees planted by Councils in Perth won't survive. That's the figure being touted by the industry itself. It's a frightening mortality rate.

But here's the really scary thing: when those dead trees are replanted, 70 - 80% of them will be lost too!

So, what's the real cost to Councils of their current approach? Much higher than they think I suspect. When viewed in that light, I reckon Leafy Street's prices are going to look pretty good!

If your Council is interested in a trial to compare the Leafy Street method against the way you currently do it, send me an email. Always happy to talk!

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