Saturday, December 5, 2015

Why a "native only" street tree policy is a bad idea

Because streets are for people and people want sunlight in winter and native trees are evergreen. That should be reason enough to abandon any thought of a "native only" policy but here's a few more:
  • If you need really big trees in your streetscape you're probably going to have to go Eucalyptus and large Eucs are just too much work to keep safe
  • Many native trees don't live long enough -  it's just the nature of the Australian bush
  • Many native trees are not very tolerant of fertilising / root damage / ring barking / compaction / cement wash downs and every other diabolical thing that happens to street trees in suburbia
"But wait," I hear someone say, "deciduous trees create too much leaf drop in autumn".

My response? Live for a year in a street lined with large Eucalypts and get back to me.

I'm not saying don't use native trees, I'm just saying don't go "native only". You'll back yourself into a corner.

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