Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The species doesn't matter

Well, it does, but here's what I mean…

In the space of about 40m, this verge in Watkins Rd, Dalkeith had a Queensland Box, a Melaleuca, a (very large) Bottlebrush, a Jacaranda, an Elm and a Eucalypt but the overall effect was just a nice continuous canopy (click photo for a better look).

Sometimes it doesn't matter what the trees are just as long as there's lots of 'em!

Watkins Rd, Dalkeith (click to enlarge)

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  1. could add:
    'Sometimes it doesn't matter what the trees are just as long as there's lots of 'em, they are similar scale, and need similar TLC'

    Painful to send the sweeper out for a Jacaranda or Plane tree here and there, or deadwood one more than another. These are the niggles that residents will argue for their removal about, and then you might have lost that canopy effect and mature tree because 'someone' doesn't like the leaf litter and the street was already a mixed bag.

    Much easier to fight the good fight if it applies to the whole street!