Friday, December 4, 2015

Street tree spacing

Some Councils still have a "one tree per property frontage" clause in their Street Tree Policy.

It should be deleted! 

The spacing of street trees needs to be governed by the size of the tree. Where property frontages are wide and the mature height of the tree is not particularly big (eg WA Peppermint), you may need two or even three trees per frontage to make a strong streetscape.

This photo shows what happens when you plant one (small) tree per (large) frontage.

Kingsland Ave, City Beach (click photo to enlarge)


  1. The City of Bayswater currently has a "one tree for every 15 metres". I am pushing for a 1 tree every 10 metres rule. Do you suggest it should be 5 metres? I guess in terms of increasing tree canopy there is no harm, but won't closer spacing inhibit the growth potential of the trees?

    1. HI Chris
      It's best to use canopy width to determine spacing. I talk about this some more in a later post.