Tuesday, December 29, 2015

One step forward...

If your lawnmower man brought an axe each visit and took a nick out of your street tree, the Council would (rightly) prosecute him. If he does it with a whipper snipper, nothing happens. At a time when WA councils are investing large amounts of money into increasing their urban forest, it's a nonsense that we're letting lawn mower operators damage trees as fast as we plant them.

Councils need to take the lead and start spraying out a 200mm grass-free zone around any street tree that has grass growing up to its trunk (residents who don't want this only have to keep the grass away from the tree).

The lawn mowing industry also needs to take the lead and educate its members. Any contractor who puts a whipper snipper anywhere near the trunk of a tree these days is sadly out of step with the times.

Tip: click on the photos for all the gory detail - and these are just in one street!

Shenton Rd, Swanbourne

Shenton Rd, Swanbourne

Shenton Rd, Swanbourne

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