Sunday, December 13, 2015

Oleander anyone?

Sonia Grinceri sent me this picture of Oleanders trained into small trees in Sicily (click picture for a better look). They obviously wouldn't suffice as a street tree in most Perth streets but they could be used as accents in some settings - eg under the main canopy of larger trees in inner city public places. They're indestructible, flower constantly and can be grown in either sun or semi-shade.

The "poisonous" tag has seen them fall from favour here but the "man-died-stirring-the-tea-with-Oleander" story is most likely urban myth. That's not to say they're not poisonous - they are and you probably wouldn't plant them in your backyard if you've got young kids who might chew on them - but there's definitely potential to use them as described above. Besides, by making small trees out of them you put the poisonous bits out of reach :)

Oleander "trees", Sicily

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