Monday, December 14, 2015

How To Choose A Street Tree - Part 1

The selection of street trees is basically a process of elimination. The starting point must always be this:

"Will the tree under consideration thrive in the specific situation I'm thinking of putting it?"

Many trees might survive in the setting at hand, but they must do than that - they must thrive.

If the answer to this first question is "no", the tree must be discarded from further consideration no matter how attractive or otherwise appealing it may be.

There are many examples in Perth where this fundamental question has not been considered and the result is a streetscape of non-performing, stunted specimens which don't necessarily die but don't provide any significant amenity or aesthetic value either.

This question alone will rule out many species which may be good choices in another setting (eg a park or bush reserve) but will not do the job in the tough environment of the typical urban street.

After this initial qualification has been made the remaining options will be further narrowed by considering a range of factors which we'll start looking at in Part 2.

More to come...

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