Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Don't walk away from your young street trees too soon

This young Plane tree in Prospect St, Claremont is established and able to fend for itself - stakes no longer required. You can take it off the maintenance run, right?

Wrong. It needs to stay on the list for another couple of years. Why?  Look at the next photo:

That's whipper snipper damage. Its very easy to ringbark a tree with a girth this small and before you know it you've lost the tree and two or three years of your loving care was all for nothing.

The solution is to keep a minimum 200mm grass-free zone around the tree. If you do this with glyphosate (Roundup) be careful though - young trees can absorb the chemical through their bark.

My experience is that you can't rely on residents or lawn mowing contractors to do this. The Council has to do it or it won't happen. I always regarded it a small price to pay to protect a valuable asset.

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