Thursday, December 31, 2015

Don't knock the Box

The most maligned tree in Perth would have to be the Queensland Box (Lophostomen confertus).

Back in the early 1980's we used to go round pulling out mature specimens simply because people complained about "the mess". Perfectly good, healthy trees!

We would rock up with a front-end loader, chainsaw the canopy and then yank the thing out of the ground - roots and all - and dump it on the back of a truck. I'm talking mature trees with 600mm trunks!

It sounds preposterous now. Vandalism. And to be honest it was. Fortunately we're a bit more enlightened these days and understand that a leafy, shady street is worth putting up with a bit of "mess" (we do, don't we?).

Of course, we don't plant Box any more - a drying climate and increasing water restrictions have made them unsuitable - but where they're still doing well, such as here in Luth Ave, Daglish, they can create a fine streetscape and should be cherished.

Luth Ave, Jolimont (click to enlarge)

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