Friday, December 18, 2015

Compare the pair (5)

This is Hutchinson Ave, Mosman Park. The trees are Erythrina X sykesii  ("Flame Tree" here in Western Australia, "Coral Tree" in most other places).

Hutchinson Ave, Mosman Park (click to enlarge)

Directly opposite is Chipperfield Court (below). I'm not sure what the street tree is - one of the ornamental Prunus perhaps - but whatever it is, this is pretty much all it's going to do. You can tell that by the girth of the trunks at ground level. These are not young trees.

Its a no-brainer which street you'd prefer to live in, right? And I know which street is going to have the higher property values too.

Chipperfield Ct, Mosman Park (click to enlarge)

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