Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Better to go too big and "manage down" than too small and never make an impact

This is Bayview Tce, Claremont. The street tree is London Plane.

Whoa! Too big and too close in such a confined space, right?

No. Because they're going to be heavily manipulated to exactly the shape required - ie one-sided and leaning out over the street in a kind of fan shape. The canopies will also be regularly thinned to keep the shade dappled instead of solid.

This can only be achieved by planting a tree that, of itself, is too big for the space and then constraining it. People often plant small trees in this situation and the space remains forever hot and exposed.

Bayview Tce, Claremont (click to enlarge)

And this just happened to be in the street. Pretty, isn't it?

I wish these grew on trees… (click for a better drool look)


  1. Useful information. The City of Bayswater will soon be doing more street tree plantings in their main shopping precincts as the existing trees simply underwhelm and even after numerous years have failed to make an impact.

  2. When you bite the bullet and finally get it right, you sit down and tote up the "opportunity cost" - what you could have had all those years you had the wrong thing - and it hurts big time. It's certainly a good incentive to get it right the next time! Cottesloe's main street (Napoleon St) is another example where this has happened.

    I was determined this WOULDN'T be the case in Bayview Tce but had to fight hard to get these Planes in. People were nervous because they couldn't visualise the final result. In hindsight I should have had some graphics done to show them - might have saved a lot of work!

  3. I lived in Melbourne before they planted many of the central city trees. It's unimaginable now - the trees 'make' the city, it looks magnificent. There are astonishing streets in Nedlands where the trees on either side of the street touch each other - a heavenly cathedral of leaves. And the street value skyrockets in cool, leafy streets. Let's help Perth people to get over their terror of falling leaves!! :-) Hint. Town of Cambridge!!!